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Maxwell Greyson (born Maxwell Greyson; February 29, 1976) is the main character in the book Good Reception [a]. Maxwell Greyson is ridiculous and earns a living as a project manager, which only increases his ridiculousness for some inexplicable reason.

Most people call him Grey. He does not like to be called Gray. In fact, he loathes being called Gray and much prefers being called Grey.

Grey frequently talks about his ridiculousness and other ridiculous things on his Twitter account [b]. Grey also operates a brain monitoring service known as Grey Windows [c] that provides a glimpse into his mind.

Grey resides at 1618 Patch Court in Seattle, WA and enjoys drinking coffee [k], drinking tap water, hiking/climbing/backpacking/mountaineering, woodworking and resting comfortably in his hammock.

Maxwell Greyson has a Twin Earth equivalent known as Frodrick Gray [f]. As Twin Earth counterparts, Frodrick Gray [f] and Maxwell Greyson are identical and equivalent in many different ways with one obvious distinction: Maxwell Greyson drinks coffee [k], while Frodrick Gray [f] drinks XYZ.

The specifics of the precise connection between Maxwell Greyson and Frodrick Gray [f] still exist in a proverbial gray area.

“Please do not refer to it as a grAy area – it is a grEy area, with an E!” Grey said to Conan O’Brien [x] as a guest on his late-night talk show never [citation needed].

Grey is a coffee [k] aficionado, or perhaps a coffee [k] enthusiast. In any case, Grey enjoys drinking coffee [k]. He often chooses to drink traditional drip coffee [k] but also consumes a beverage known as a red eye every now and then. He has a rocky, unpleasant, and unpredictable relationship with a local barista named Ruby, who works at a local coffee shop named Cafe Entropy [k].

Grey considers himself a project manager, but has also previously classified his job title as the following:

To earn a living, Grey owns and operates a website that refers consumers to places to purchase cell phone antenna boosters [d]. His website receives many visits per day due to his excellent project management of optimizing for nanozero [z].

Maxwell Greyson, after much encouragement from his therapist the voice (Cassini) [i], took up writing. The vast majority of his writings are written to and for rx1618 [z], although he once reportedly wrote a lengthy ode to a brick wall [citation needed].

Along with drinking coffee, writing and resting in his hammock, Grey also likes to hike in his free time. As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, Grey has access to many mountains and trails in both the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains. Two of his favorite peaks to visit are Mailbox Peak and Mount Rainier.

All things considered, Maxwell Greyson is ridiculous [citation needed].

Did you know?
Maxwell Greyson is the author of a screenplay by the name of Garage Sale Dance Party [e] despite the fact that he loathes dancing.

Life of Maxwell Greyson

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