Quotes Attributed to Maxwell Greyson

The following quotes are attributed to Maxwell Greyson in the book Good Reception [a].

“I told her that sometimes things come to me later.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 1 [a]

“Fact is, I’ve been thinking about rx1618 a lot these days. And I’ve got high hopes for my latest project, so I’ve got to keep building and see where it ends up.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 1 [a]

“It is fine, really, that you think these ridiculous things. But why exactly do you think these things of me, anyway? Nevermore, I am peace with it all. Really, I am.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 2 [a]

“Sure, my vision may be a bit narrow, perhaps like looking down a small underground tunnel even, but believe me in that I see more clearly now since the dream.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 3 [a]

“I already listened to the message many times over, and, in fact, just listened to it again. I cannot stop listening to it.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 4 [a]

“I think I want to leave but I can’t. My feet are frozen in glacial ice. My feet throb, but it’s nothing compared to the bent tune playing in my head right now; it’s a combination of stretched time and compacted noise.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 5 [a]

“Oh, how I would love to debate the subtle differences between the taste and quality of tap water from the same location on different days right now.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 6 [a]

“I am sideways man.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 7 [a]

“I don’t like dancing. In fact, I’ve always hated dancing. But I do like garage sales.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 8 [a]

“Now I want to see what the tides have to say about that.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 9 [a]

“When the end appears as white into black, the grey beginning disappears.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 10 [a]

Quotes Attributed to Maxwell Greyson

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