Maxwell Greyson’s Ridiculousness

Maxwell Greyson frequently mentions his ridiculousness and often goes to great lengths to discuss his ridiculousness in detail. His ridiculousness is such that he will discuss this unfortunate quality with almost anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Among Grey’s most ridiculous qualities is his prosopagnosia [g]. Prosopagnosia is defined as “face agnosia” or “face blindness” – the inability to recognize and/or remember faces. Face blindness is something that Grey has been dealing with all of his life.

Another of Grey’s most ridiculous qualities is his uncanny ability to be loathed [citation needed]. He is frequently loathed by friends and foes alike. Strangely, no one has been able to fully explain Grey’s utter hateability, not even his closest friend Sid [h]. He has also discussed this topic with his therapist the voice (Cassini) [i] to no avail.

Yet another of example of the ridiculousness of Maxwell Greyson is the volume of strange and bizarre voicemails [j] that he receives on his cell phone, a gadget which he affectionately refers to as “the snake.” He attributes the existence of these voicemails, at least in part, to the 16 cell phone antenna boosters that he has attached to the snake [d].

Other examples of Maxwell Greyson’s ridiculousness include:

In addition, Grey’s writings have a ridiculous quality of their own. The style and subject matter of his writings vary widely, but he once reportedly wrote an ode to a brick wall [citation needed].

“It is true – I did write an ode to brick wall, OK? Yes I am aware how ridiculous that is!,” Grey said to Conan O’Brien [x] as a guest on his late-night talk show never [citation needed].

Maxwell Greyson’s Ridiculousness

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